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Membership Requirements

Everyone joins NASMM as a Provisional member. In fact, we prefer you join NASMM before you launch your business! Our business is to get you started and to help you grow!

Whether you are in the business planning/start up phase of your move management business or already have an established business, you will join NASMM as a Provisional member. Provisional membership gives you access to most NASMM member benefits except being listed on the NASMM website and voting privileges.

Once you provide NASMM with all of the requirements for general membership, you will be provided with the NASMM logo, be listed on the NASMM website and be eligible to vote in NASMM elections.

To become a full Professional Member, NASMM requires the following:

  • Directly provide 4 of 5 core services
    • Customized Floor Plans
    • Move Management/Move Oversight
    • Sorting Services
    • Setting Up New Residence
    • Disposal/Dispersal of Remaining Items
  • Take and pass NASMM's four (4) Cornerstone Courses: Safety, Ethics, The Moving Industry 101 and Understanding Contracts and Liability.
  • Provide proof of general business liability insurance
  • Provide a link to a live website that highlights your move management services.

Upon receipt of all membership requirements, you will be elevated to full general membership and will be listed on the Find A Move Manager section of the website.

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