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How Do I Become a Move Manager?

The journey to becoming a Move Manager begins with the desire to help older adults, their families, other individuals and businesses through the often-difficult process of downsizing and relocating to a new home.

People enter Senior Move Management from all kinds of backgrounds. Some have worked in the corporate world; some in small business; some in not-for-profit organizations; some were homemakers. Very few, however, were entrepreneurs. Most individuals simply assume they can develop and run a successful business, as if starting and operating a small business is easy and requires no particular knowledge base or skill set.

Getting Started

It is widely recognized half of all small businesses fail and only 40% are profitable. Owning your own business is an overly romantic concept. You read about someone who has created a successful business and say to yourself, "I could do that." You dream about the independence, satisfaction, reduced stress, financial rewards and free time you will enjoy as a business owner. If this profile fits you, you're in for a big surprise. Most small business owners work long hours and complain about lacking balance in their lives. Owning your own business will likely encroach on evenings, holidays, weekends and vacations.

That being said, Senior & Specialty Move Management is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying profession.

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Step One — Invest in NASMM's Welcome to Move Management Personal Coaching Appointment

To make sure Senior Move Management is the direction you want to pursue, we recommend you invest in NASMM's Welcome to Senior Move Personal Coaching Appointment. During your scheduled phone consultation, one of NASMM’s experienced Executive Directors will provide you with an overview of Senior & Specialty Move Management including an understanding of the Senior & Specialty Move Management client and the Move Management profession. This 30-minute phone consultation is a unique opportunity to dive a little deeper and and learn about big-picture concepts with specific tips and strategies essential for Senior & Specialty Move Managers. We have helped countless Senior Move Managers get their businesses started – and we can help you too! For just $119.00, you will gain insight into this exciting, growing profession. To schedule your appointment, click here!

Prior to your appointment you will be provided with a questionnaire about you, your background and your aspirations. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your start up questions. Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, we’ll set up a time that’s convenient for your consultation.

Step Two — Join NASMM

The next step in starting a Senior/Specialty Move Management Company is to join NASMM. NASMM membership is essential for all Senior & Specialty Move Managers, but is imperative for companies in the very early phases of business development. NASMM is the only professional organization representing Move Management, and as such, provides you with essential tools, a vibrant community, and exceptional learning that will enhance every aspect of your Move Management business development and growth.

NASMM is committed to connecting great ideas, great opportunities and great people. In short, NASMM provides the most comprehensive collection of association services and professional resources available to Senior Move Managers.

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Step Three — Invest in Training

While training is not required, we strongly recommend you complete a Senior/Specialty Move Management training program.

How do you estimate? What type of contract should I use? What marketing tools are most effective? What happens if I suspect my client is confused or may be suffering from dementia. These are just a few of the hundreds of questions new Move Management Business owners have when starting a new business.

Why re-invent the wheel?

NASMM provides the industry's most comprehensive and recognized Senior Move Management and Business Development education through our FrontDoor Training Program. The Front Door Senior Move Management and Business Development Training Program is the culmination of years of expertise in the areas of Senior Move Management, aging services and marketing.

This self-study program requires about 25 hours to complete and covers the most essential skills in Senior Move Management, marketing, and understanding and working with older adults. Additionally, the FrontDoor training provides you with proven tools and resources, providing a solid foundation for your Senior Move Management business.

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