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You’re here because you want to be a Senior Move Manager®. Clicking on the NASMM website is a great first step because NASMM is the only non-profit trade association that supports Senior Move Manager professionals.

If you’ve read our history page, you know that NASMM is 20 years old in 2022! As a result, we have A LOT of experience within the NASMM membership, and together, we’ve developed a single, comprehensive, and effective training program for individuals who are launching a Senior Management business today – FrontDoor Training.

Senior Move Managers throughout the US and Canada collaborated to create this training program by sharing all the tips, strategies, and tools that work for them every day. (Bonus: They also offer all the stuff that didn’t work and why.) How many years of raw, on-the-ground experience is in our FrontDoor Training, you ask? About 50 years combined!

The recommendations, guidance, and support this training provides will encourage and qualify you as you build and grow your own SMM business. Virtually every aspect of this program represents move management best practices in real life with actual older adult clients. Hundreds of current (and retired) NASMM members have gone through the FrontDoor Training and say it’s one of the smartest things they did when starting their now-fully-established SMM companies.  

Great news for you! NASMM is now offering a completely revised and enhanced version of FrontDoor Training, fresh off the press in 2022. We’ve added tons of new information and streamlined the presentation so it’s better (and more user-friendly) than ever.

NASMM's FrontDoor Training now includes:

  • "In the trenches" authenticity — real SMM concerns, challenges, and client conversations uncovered
  • Proven tools and resources to help you understand and navigate the aging services network
  • Incomparable business development tools and support
  • Expansive online file library of customizable, must-have tools including:
    • Contracts (two sample contracts!!)
    • Liability statements
    • Estimating tools
    • Client intake forms
    • Client satisfaction tools
    • Sample proposals
    • Client billing forms
    • Complete Employee Handbook
    • Essential checklists, tip sheets and more…

Want a peek inside to kick the tires? Check out the Table of Contents for NASMM’s FrontDoor Training:


Chapter 1 - Welcome to Senior Move Management

Chapter 2 - Entrepreneurship: Do You Have What It Takes?

Chapter 3 - What Do Senior Move Management Businesses Look Like?

Chapter 4 - The Business of Starting a Business

Chapter 5 - How Do Senior Move Managers Make Money?

Chapter 6 - Working With Older Adults

Chapter 7 - The Senior Living Industry

Chapter 8 - Senior Living Glossary of Terms

Chapter 9 - Marketing Part 1: The Senior Living Industry

Chapter 10 - Marketing Part 2: Networking Builds Referral Sources

Chapter 11 - Marketing Part 3: Tools

Chapter 12 - Marketing Part 4: Developing Print & Web Collateral for Older Adults

Chapter 13 - Marketing Part 5: Social Media Marketing for the Senior Move Manager

Chapter 14 - Launching Your Senior Move Management Business

Chapter 15 - The Home Visit and Estimating

Chapter 16 - Downsizing and Floor Planning

Chapter 17 - Human Resources

Chapter 18 - Operations


That’s just the beginning. FrontDoor Training offers customizable marketing launch letters, sample brochures, marketing materials and so much more. We intentionally created each of these documents in WORD format so that you can simply drop your company logo onto the page, tweak the text to your own needs, and go from there!

Upon completion of the FrontDoor Training, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement – recognizing you are a "NASMM Trained" Senior Move Management Company. You should include this certificate in your sales and marketing presentations to senior living communities, referral sources, and potential clients.

Congratulations again on choosing to become a Senior Move Manager®! The future is so bright for this exploding profession. And with FrontDoor, you’ve made another great decision to launch your business with the best training in the business.


  • Regular Price: $1499
  • New Member Discount Bundle: $1899 – Includes Member Dues for one year, the required Cornerstone Courses bundle of four (4) online courses AND the FrontDoor Training program - a $300 savings!

Note: The FrontDoor Training program is based on NASMM's Standards of Practice and highly-regarded Code of Ethics, and thus, is only available to NASMM members.


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