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NASMM Navigator Operations Manual


  • Yikes! Do you feel like you know how to run your move management business day to day, but you’re the only one who knows ALL of it?
  • Do you worry about how your business will operate if you’re not available – due to health issues, family concerns, or an extended (& well-deserved!) vacation?
  • Do you wish that you & your team members would make fewer decisions “on the run” during a client’s move?
  • Looking for an Operations Manual that everyone on your team could refer to, for the answers they need at the precise time they need them?
  • Are you searching for that single “golden ticket” resource to onboard & train new staff, so they’re ready to get to work sooner, safer, and more effectively?
  • Senior Move Management is a “high-touch high-harm” profession! Do errors, oversights, or potential legal landmines keep you up at night?
  • Would you like to scale your business for growth, but you literally don’t know how to begin?  Are you searching for “tried & true” ways to replicate your success in new locations or with an increasing demand for your services?

An operations manual addresses each of these concerns by providing a standardized framework for conducting business, ensuring consistent service quality, facilitating staff training, mitigating risks, enabling scalability, and ultimately enhancing client satisfaction. 

Introducing NASMM Navigator!

NASMM is pleased to offer our new operations manual. NASMM Navigator includes:

  • Over 100 policies, procedures, standards, and best practices covering all aspects of move management from Workflow, Assessments, Moving Stages, Estimating, Materials Management, Employee Safety, Internal & External Controls & much more
  • Customizable forms including contracts, damage liability, estimating forms, service agreements & more
  • A complete HR manual including onboarding, job descriptions, employee handbook, software recommendations, task management, employee development, termination, essential forms & more


NASMM Member pricing $2199.00 & includes the following:

  • NASMM Navigator customizable operations Manual & HR Manual
  • With the purchase of the NASMM Navigator, you will receive one (1) hour of consultation (valued at the rate of $250.00 USD per/hr.) and two (2) hours of editing services (valued at the rate of $200.00 per/hr.) at no charge  
  • The total value of these 1-on-1 services is $450.00, but it's all included in the $2199.00 price!

Want to know more? Click here to view the Navigator Table of Contents.



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