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Sunday, November 12, 2023 - 9:45 am - 10:45 am


8H    Marketing to Boomer Women: In Charge and On The Move

  • Describe the general values, interests, and priorities of the Baby Boomers in general and women in particular
  • Discuss the motives and behaviors of Boomer Women when selecting and purchasing goods and services
  • Discover five specific strategies for appealing to Boomer Women through targeted marketing and nuanced business practices

Presenter: Anna Novak, Simply Downsized, Falls Church, VA


16H     Having (Difficult) Conversations With (Difficult) Clients: Words Matter

  • Explore the fundamentals of effective communication
  • Discover successful communication techniques and strategies for working with challenging clients
  • Learn approaches to encourage positive and compassionate communication

Presenter: Cathy Rice, Senior Settlers, San Rafael, CA


24H     Conflict-Crushing Tools: Contracts, Communication and Controls

  • Discover how your company’s processes and procedures can reduce conflict and protect your business
  • Understand your risk profile
  • Learn about common conflict areas
  • Hear how to proactively defend against complaints or claims
  • Develop a personal plan to address each exposed area

Presenter: Kimberly Steele, Changing Place, West Linn, OR


32H     Selling a Smaller Company from the Buyer/Seller Perspective

  • Discuss how to prepare for the sale of your micro business
  • Understand the necessary paperwork involved with selling your business
  • Learn what to anticipate for price, and what to expect during the process
  • Discover resources for assistance with the sale of your company
  • Explore what happens after the sale – including telling and onboarding staff, and merging different company cultures into one
  • Hear from a former owner, now employee, about all the behind-the-scenes that got the deal done

Presenters: Charna Kinneberg, Moyer Move Management & Jason Moyer, Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage, Clarksburg, MD

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