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NASMM 2024 Master Classes

Storytelling Is Your Superpower!

Friday, September 27
9:30 am - 10:30 am

Margit NovackMargit Novack

Ellen GoodwinEllen Goodwin

We are all storytellers. Storytelling spans all industries and disciplines and it's what makes us uniquely human. Storytelling is more than just telling stories, however. Our brains treat storytelling differently than any other form of narrative communication, so storytelling is often used to understand, persuade, and influence.

By embracing the storytelling skill set and mindset, move managers will enjoy more successful and rewarding relationships with clients, colleagues, family members, and even themselves.

The intimacy of your work as move managers naturally invites you to listen to your clients’ life stories. You hear stories. You share stories. Lots of them. Every day. Your ability to deftly weave between actively listening to your client’s stories and sharing your own vast library of stories is why storytelling is a move manager's superpower!

Join us as two major influencers in the move management space, Ellen Goodwin & Margit Novack, discuss the topic of Storytelling for Move Managers. Margit’s combined passion and decades of expertise through more effective, intentional storytelling brings meaningful change for those who experience it. As co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer of Artifcts, Ellen Goodwin has created a secure space to digitally curate and preserve the things and stories of our lives.


Table Talk: Great Ideas By The Great Lakes

Saturday, September 28
9:30 am - 10:45 am

As a service profession, move management offers us daily human touchpoints and interactions. We're surrounded by influences, changes, and the need to adapt. The ability to connect with and understand one another creates a sense of community, belonging, and power. We'll discuss four (4) different topics over the course of this session. Join us for this “powerful” dialogue with your fellow attendees. We need to hear everyone’s voice!

  • Explore four (4) different topics of interest to all move managers
  • Engage in conversation that encourages both self-reflection & dialogue with fellow move managers
  • Hear new ways to approach, change, or solve our most daunting client issues
  • Learn about the evolving (and challenging!) senior housing market and what that means for you


Ask the Senior Move Manager Panel

Sunday, September 29
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Book an afternoon flight home because you’ll want to attend the 2024 Ask the Senior Move Manager panel to close out the NASMM conference in KC! It’s now a highly anticipated standard at every NASMM conference for the last eight (8) years.

You'll enjoy a front row seat — as we ask our invited group of experienced NASMM members all the questions you’ve been asking yourself all year. It’s a peek inside the backroom of some of NASMM’s most successful move management companies. Our “best of the best” panel will candidly answer questions on a wide range of move management topics.

Barry Izsak — former owner of Arranging It All in Austin, TX — serves as our dynamic moderator. Whether you've been in business for 6 months or 6 years, you'll want to be “in the room where it happens.” You may learn about a new tool, trend, or way of doing something. Every year, your evaluations tell us this particular conference session is priceless.


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