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Saturday, September 28, 2024 • 2:00pm – 3:00pm


5E     Broadcasting for Boomer Biz

  • Hear how to speak your way to success & achieve the reach you desire
  • Learn how to articulate your value through the power of easy, cutting-edge, no-cost broadcasting!!
  • Discover free strategies for reaching baby boomers (& their parents) while growing your team & your referral network all at the same time
  • Hear how to broadcast your brilliance by taping community service talks to share on "socials,” live-streaming public speaking events, or being featured on TV as a guest or a host
  • Understand how broadcasting provides massive leverage for negotiating contracts with senior living communities & forming alliances with other valued referral sources
  • Find out how to optimize SEO for your website (so consumers will find you) with engaging, creative & consistently-delivered content
  • Learn how to demonstrate your aging issues expertise for greater influence in your market

Presenter: Katherine Ambrose, Empowered Senior, Wichita, KS


13E     Art of Strategic Storytelling: Digital and In-Person Interactions

  • Cultivate trust through storytelling in both digital & interpersonal communication
  • Find out how to employ storytelling to highlight your experience & compassion
  • Explore the art of creating & leveraging compelling stories on digital platforms (social media sites & your website)
  • Hear how storytelling reinforces your brand while also capturing the interest of potential clients & their families — a potent tool for business growth
  • Explore the skills to effortlessly incorporate storytelling into your client interactions through interactive exercises
  • Find out how to immediately employ these practical techniques to connect and engage effectively

Presenters: Kimberly Steele, Changing Places, West Linn, OR; Zeth Owen, Greatness Digital, Albany, OR


21E     How Much Is It Worth? Finding Value & Navigating Treasures For Your Client

  • Explore the hidden gem worlds of unique prints, silver, and jewelry
  • Learn what’s hot & what’s not, understand the major names & hear tips to identify & establish the authenticity of a work
  • Learn about the tools that experts use to determine approximate values
  • Participate in a hands-on session to solidify your newly-acquired knowledge & to confidently distinguish silver from silverplate, different types of gold, signed jewelry & a real Warhol

Presenters: Lea Koonce Ogundiran, G.G, Cynthia Klein & Jenny Pitman, Doyle Auctioneers & Appraisers, New York, NY


29E     Broadening Your Client Base Beyond Seniors

  • Discover ways to diversify your client base beyond seniors, incorporating strategic vendor partnerships & leveraging market opportunities
  • Acquire skills in identifying & managing resident-occupied construction projects — emphasizing the move manager's pivotal role & the client’s needs beyond relocation
  • Learn to identify & capitalize on opportunities in aging communities, buy-outs & rebranding efforts
  • Explore platforms like BidNet & navigating government procurement processes to successfully bid government contracts
  • Hear about forming strategic partnerships with local movers, enhancing operational efficiency & client service
  • Understand how collaborating with industry partners will expand your service offerings & foster business growth

Presenters: Cierra Olmstead & Paige Rabon, A Move Handled with Care, Centennial, CO

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