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Saturday October 22, 2022 4:30pm – 5:30pm


7G     All Things Inventory

  • Identify the various types of inventories, why each is important, and which one is appropriate for each type of situation
  • Hear how to create three (3) different types of inventories: a "before and after" packing inventory, a 90-minute basic home or office inventory, and a specific asset/collections inventory – including lighting and photography tips.
  • Learn how to incorporate this new offering into your existing business or a new business
  • Find out strategies to successfully market your inventory services, including a discussion of features and benefits

Presenter: Carol Rothschild Kaufman, Pinventory LLC, Hawthorne, NJ


15G     Everyone Needs a Move Manager and the Restoration Industry

  • Discover how to effectively approach restoration companies
  • Learn how to do the work involved with restoration companies
  • Find out about the sorting, packing, return, and unpack process of restoration work

Presenter: Danielle Wellings-Carriere, ONESource Moving Solutions for Seniors, Windsor, ON, Canada


23G     Storytelling 101: How to Capture, Preserve, and Share the Memories, Histories, and Stories Behind your Client's Stuff

  • Join us as we dive into the world of storytelling, sharing tips and examples to spur storytelling as well as elements of compelling stories, empowering you to help your Clients' in their storytelling journeys 
  • Help reduce some of the emotional burden and other barriers to the decluttering and downsizing processes
  • Learn what makes the story special, and how to balance details with privacy
  • Discover how to safely capture, preserve, and share your stories

Presenter: Heather Nickerson,, Washington, DC


31G     Blogging Your Business: The Basics and More

  • Hear the technical aspects of blogging – which blog platforms to use, how often should you post, length of posts, SEO, and more
  • Find out how to develop content ideas and editorial strategies for a blog – including popular topics, topics that may spur controversy, and more
  • Discover ways to collaborate and promote your blog – including with other move managers, senior living communities, media and more
  • And, most of all, gain encouragement to just start writing

Presenter: Laurie Nordman, NextStage Associates, Westborough, MA

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