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Saturday October 22, 2022 2:00pm – 3:00pm


5E     After Loss Concierge Services

  • Discover the value of adding “after loss” services to your move management business
  • Gain an overview of the larger picture of estate distribution
  • Find out how to manage the personal property of an estate
  • Understand the emotional aspect of “after loss” work
  • Hear some key concepts to communicate with clients after a loss
  • Learn suggested policy decisions to support a service of integrity

Presenter: Karen Hyatt, Estate Pros LLC, Santa Fe, NM


13E     Create Your Own EAP* (Without an Employee Assistance Plan)

  • Learn how to customize an Easy Access Plan (EAP*) to offer everyday resources for well-being and work-life harmony regardless of time, geography and cost
  • Understand how to raise awareness about depression and other health conditions and encourage help-seeking solutions
  • Learn how mindful breathing, stress deregulation and meditation can improve clarity, memory and presence
  • Hear about current mental health podcasts, meditative apps, organizations, and websites
  • Discover ways to increase connectedness and decrease isolation, including free mental health assessments to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health challenges

Presenter: Kimberly Green, Soft Landings Transitions, Maple Grove, MN


21E     The Family Meeting: A Powerful Communication Tool

  • Identify the key support network in a client’s life (Hint: It MIGHT not be family!)
  • Discover the importance of open communication with a client AND their natural support system for a stress-free and drama-free move
  • Learn how to conduct and facilitate an effective family meeting, with the focus on a positive outcome for everyone
  • Hear how to help your client and their support network navigate life after the move

Presenter: Jill Yesko Diana and Ceri Binotto, SMM-C, Discover Organizing, Pittsburgh, PA


29E     THE Social Media Strategy for Senior Move Managers

  • Uncover a proven social media strategy for Senior Move Managers® by a successful SMM~C
  • Learn what it take to build a social media following that results in likes, comments, and shares on your posts
  • Discover what content should be shared and how to overcome the algorithms that prevent many from seeing what you’re sharing
  • Explore which social media channels to use for the stories and information you want to share about your business

Presenter: Nicole Ramer, Organized Haven, Lakeland, FL

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