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Saturday October 22, 2022 11:00 am – 12:00 pm


4D    Stop Leaving Money on the Table

  • Explore practical steps that you can implement one at a time, over a period of many years, to bootstrap your company’s growth with very little cash
  • Understand R&D to determine appetite and competition for services in your area
  • Learn how to collect data
  • Discover how to engage and enlist help as you build company depth
  • Find out how to circumvent developmental costs
  • Explore avenues to market your company by maximizing social media
  • Discuss site selection – choosing suitable and affordable commercial space for growth in today's market, including ways to determine how much space you actually need

Presenter: Linda Balentine, Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services, Roanoke, VA


12D     Elevate Your Brand with Concierge-Style Services

  • Hear all about the latest concept in move management: concierge-style services
  • Understand why so many SMMs are developing concierge-style services to add to their overall menu of services
  • Learn the identifying characteristics of concierge-style services and who is seeking them
  • Find out how to market your concierge-style services once you’ve decided to offer them
  • Leave this session with a sample concierge service client agreement, a sample referral fee agreement for referral partners, and a sample email to send to potential referral partners

Presenter: Anna Novak, Simply DownsizedLLC, Falls Church, VA


20D     What’s It Worth? Helping Clients Determine the Value of Their Possessions

  • Learn the essential information you need to acquire to help your clients determine the value of their possessions
  • Gain practical tips to recognize items of significance
  • Find out about current market trends in the fine art, decorative arts, and jewelry categories
  • Learn when and why your client might need an appraisal
  • Understand the differences between insurance, fair market and auction values

Presenters: Jenny Pitman and Angelo Madrigale, Doyle Auctioneers & Appraisers, New York, NY


28D    Pulling Back the Curtain: Tips, Tactics & Insights Around Marketing Your Business

  • Discover how move managers can customize specific marketing tactics to specific business goals
  • Understand how to assess your marketing Return on Investment (ROI) and value
  • Find out how MaxSold measures the impact of its marketing campaigns and initiatives
  • Hear how a data-driven approach can provide insight and guidance to expand and enhance your business

Presenter: Sushee Perumal, MaxSold, Kingston, ON

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