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Friday, October 21, 2022 • 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm


3C     Defying the Odds: How to Grow from Working IN your Business to ON Your Business

  • Learn how the presenter defied the odds and accelerated her business in just 4 years from 1 to 21+ employees, serving hundreds of clients per year
  • Explore how she effectively implemented supplemental revenue streams, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, workflow optimization, and more – all while enhancing her company culture and overall team development.
  • Discover how to plan annually for the transition from working IN your business to ON your business
  • Explore what to consider when hiring and up-leveling members of your current team into key roles
  • Understand how creating a culture of business ownership with your team will accelerate your company’s growth

Presenter: Elizabeth Hirsh, The Downsizers, Chapel Hill, NC


11C     Specialty Moves, Recurring Income & Finding These Clients

  • Explore the business of high-end, concierge style specialty moves.
  • Learn how to sell these more expensive services
  • Understand how to charge for these services without receiving push-back
  • Discover how to build recurring income
  • Learn how to find these clients by implementing marketing and networking strategies

Presenter: Elaine Fernando, SMM~C, Organized Transitions LLC , Scotch Plains, NJ


19C     It’s About Time: Diversity & Inclusion

  • Learn the differences between diversity and inclusion
  • Explore our own cultural biases and awareness
  • Understand the diverse needs of clients in the senior living sector
  • Discover ways to implement solutions into the workplace
  • Participate in active and engaging role-play around critical conversations

Presenter: Kiera DesChamps, Wayforth, Richmond, VA


27C     Cost Saving Marketing: DIY

  • Discover how to promote your business on any budget without hiring a marketing consultant
  • Explore what your business should be doing for marketing, how to do it, and how to turn those marketing efforts into real $$$
  • Discuss strategies and ideas with a timetable to implement them
  • Develop a list of ideas for marketing, social media content, and best practices for maintaining relationships with referral sources

Presenter: Jeannine Bryant, Changing Spaces SRS, Lincoln, NE

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