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Friday, October 21, 2022 • 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm


2B     Beyond Basic Floor Planning

  • Expand your understanding of floor plans as a way to capture more than just the furniture placement
  • Enhance your vocabulary around floor planning including space planning, elevations, site lines, and purpose of place
  • Learn how to generate picture plans for those clients needing that additional planning service
  • Understand the use of kitchens and closet elevations for organizing a move
  • Discover unique furniture placement solutions for small/tight spaces
  • Explore how thoughtful floor planning facilitates quality communication with your staff and movers, as well as encourages your client to create new habits in their new home

Presenter: Jennie Alwood, Here to Home, Durham, NC


10B     Star Power: Creating Your Authority Brand

  • Discover the skills that propel brands by providing no-strings-attached education to grow your database and your influence....and the "Star Power" through storytelling that makes the phone ring
  • Learn how to connect DEEPLY with the professionals you and your clients need to know by getting their stories out and providing the information your market craves.
  • Understand how to create a public platform – from seminars that attract attention to broadcasting on podcasts, radio, and TV.
  • Explore how to ZERO BASE your marketing $$ & obtain additional sources of revenue for move managers
  • Discover how to become the KNOWN authority in your market, the "Go To" for downsizing & expertise on successful life transitions

Presenter: Katherine Ambrose, Empowered Senior, Wichita KS


18B     Navigating Strong Emotions During Downsizing

  • Explore how spaces – or specific items – can cause hesitation and even distress in our clients
  • Discover how to guide your client through the surprises and emotions that surface during the downsizing process.
  • Learn techniques and approaches to keep your clients in the center of the conversation as the decision maker
  • Understand how to encourage the client to fully state their concerns or hesitations
  • Learn how to pay attention to body language, and only move forward once you obtain consent in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Discover how to avoid losing focus on the person being helped, what to watch for and how to regain control of the situation if the family starts taking over

Presenter: Marie-Claude Giguere, SMM~C, Helping Seniors, Montreal, Quebec


26B     How Do Consumers Find Us?  Marketing to Baby Boomers

  • Learn strategies and tactics you can implement to increase sales, grow your brand, and communicate the value of your services
  • Understand who your customer is and how they make buying decisions
  • Discover questions to ask and the answers to attract the customers you want through marketing strategies
  • Define your primary and secondary target audiences
  • Determine your value and campaign messaging strategy
  • Explore marketing short-term and long-term objectives and goals
  • Prioritize communication/marketing channels to reach your consumer
  • Develop online and offline lead generation strategies

Presenters: Beth Simos, Wayforth, Richmond, VA & Erin Smith, Wayforth, Bonita Springs, FL

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