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December 22, 2015     

Host Online Charity Auction to Benefit Habitat for Humanity
NASMM is pleased to announce we will once again host an online charity auction in conjunction with our 2016 Annual Conference. The proceeds from this year's auction will benefit our philanthropic partner, Habitat for Humanity Restores. Read More

NASMM A+ Accreditation — What are YOU waiting for?
Twenty-five (25) NASMM member companies have already achieved the highest level of recognition awarded to a Senior Move Management company— NASMM A+ Accreditation. Another dozen companiesare in the process!

If you are planning to pursue NASMM A+ Accreditation, consider the following:

  • All NASMM A+ Accredited companies are highlighted and featured first (1st!) on their stateweb page during the consumer's “Find A Senior Move Manager” search on the NASMM website.
  • NASMM A+ Accreditation requirements will increase in 2016, based on what we've learned with our early adopters during the launch phase.
  • Companies who purchase the NASMM A+ Accreditation application in 2015 will follow 2015 Accreditation guidelines — so purchase it now!
  • You can purchase the NASMM A+ Accreditation application at any time. However, only four (4) submission windows are available each year — January, April, July and October.
  • The next submission window opens in January!

Click here to read more.

Get Your SMM~C On!
What are you waiting for? Over 80 NASMM members are currently pursuing the SMM~C,, the only professional designation based on both knowledge and experience — and the only designation recognized by NASMM! Once you receive the SMM~C, the credential is added to your name and the logo is placed on your profile in the "Find A Senior Move Manager" map. Distinguish yourself and demonstrate your professionalism by achieving certification. Click here for more information

Happy Holidays from NASMM!
NASMM wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The NASMM office will be closed Thursday, December 24, Friday, December 25, Thursday, December 31 and Friday, January 1.

Connecting With Boomers Requires Empathetic Connections
Empathy is the most important ingredient in lasting relationships. We all want to be understood by those who want to sell us something. When we think we are not understood, we erect defenses against those trying to connect with us or try to sell us something. Read More

Connecting With Boomers Requires Empathetic Connections, Part II
In our last post, we discussed empathy as the most important ingredient in lasting relationships. Read More

What Does It Feel Like to Be Old and Alone?
The charity Campaign to End Loneliness says that one million of us are already suffering from acute loneliness, while two and a half million over 60s fear they could end up similarly isolated. Read More

Top Reasons for Moving to a Senior Living Community
Changes to a senior's health status are more likely to prompt a move to a senior living community than any other deciding factor, according to survey findings recently released by Varsity Branding and Asbury Communities. The study, titled "Project Looking Glass III: From The Outside In," explores the decision-making process behind selecting a senior living community. Read More

6 Powerful Ways to Thank Your Team for Being Awesome
It sounds like common sense to say thank you to those who work for you and work with you, but it in reality this common sense wisdom is not practiced as much as it should be. Read More

Christmas in the 1970s vs. Christmas Today
Christmas in the 70s

  1. Mid-October: When the Sears Roebuck and J.C. Penney's Christmas catalogs come in the mail, give them to the kids and tell them to circle what they want. Order about a quarter of it. Do not order the rock polisher they keep asking for.
  2. Continue about your normal routine until the second week of December.
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