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January 8, 2016     

Happy New Year NASMM Colleagues!
As I looked for some way to greet and embrace the new year, I read a wonderful quote by Booker T. Washington. I felt it spoke to the reasons many of us found this industry — or it found us:

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

So true, right? Everyday, energy from our clients, team members, and colleagues invigorates and inspires us. This motivation is a tremendous part of the reason we chose to do what we do.

And then, we have a day — or a job — where no matter what we say, do, or ask, there is NO pleasing a client, or perhaps a disgruntled son or daughter. For such days, I suggest posting a banner of the wise words of Dalai Lama:

"Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace."

It's vital we laugh, maintain camaraderie, and sustain our basic "joie de vivre" to keep our journeys and dreams alive.

Put aside emails, links, and posts reminding us of resolutions we need to make or exercises and habits to begin or renew. Take a moment to pause and reflect on our shared NASMM life view. Be inspired and refreshed by colleagues and friends — both old and new. Continue to share and read E-List posts, send referrals, and enjoy your clients and our conference times together.

I wish you prosperity of mind and spirit — and finances — in 2016. See you in San Antonio!

Warmest regards,

Ethics & Accountability: Your Everyday Resolution
In 2015, NASMM released our updated Cornerstone Course focusing on Ethics and Accountability. All members are required to take this course. Offered for free to members and your staff, the Cornerstone Course in
Ethics and Accountability takes you through the NASMM Code of Ethics which was revamped and expanded in 2014. NASMM provides you with a PDF of the Code of Ethics you can sign and keep with your marketing materials. Your commitment to ethics is just one of the many reasons that separates you as a NASMM member.

Download your NASMM Code of Ethics PDF here.

If you have reserved rooms at the La Cantera Resort you are not planning to use, please IMMEDIATELY release them so they can be placed back into NASMM’s group room block.

NASMM 2016 – Register Before February 1!
There is still time to register for NASMM’s most-important event of the year! Click here to access the registration form. Unmatched-networking, education, tools and resources await you, against the background of the San Antonio Hill Country!

NASMM to Host Online Charity Auction to Benefit Habitat for Humanity
NASMM is pleased to announce we will once again host an online charity auction in conjunction with our 2016 Annual Conference. The proceeds from this year’s auction will benefit our philanthropic partner, Habitat for Humanity Restores. Read More

Newsletter Content at Your Fingertips!
Expand your newsletter content with NASMM! From our social media sites posts, to the content you find on the NASMM website and in Moving Matters, you have access to relevant timely content you can (and should) be using. Give it some thought!

Are You Willing To Swim In The Deep End To Connect With Baby Boomers?
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The Challenge of Recognizing One’s Days of Living Independently Are Over
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A Twist on Caring for a Parent: Move Into the Home
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How to Talk to Your Angriest Customers
Harsh words are not always indicative of insight. Complaints are not always a sign that something is wrong. Often, a negative experience can be salvaged and turned into an opportunity. Being able to assess and address customer complaints is key to making this happen. Read More



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