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virtual symposium

No word better amplifies 2020 than change. The changes we've experienced over the past months required us to pivot and think differently. NASMM's 2020 Virtual Symposium — Seasons of Change — is designed to help you expand your opportunities through three (3) deep-dive sessions focusing on three important areas of business — your employees, your marketing and your opportunities for expansion.

To be clear, the 2020 Virtual Symposium is a truly unique opportunity for NASMM members to participate in an intensive, virtual learning session about three (3) topics of considerable interest to our Move Manager members. You'll obtain a ton of information and gain access to the top experts in their respective fields for an incredibly discounted rate.

No airfare, hotel rooms, meals, or Ubers required to attend. Grab a latté, Diet Coke or rosé before heading over to your laptop. Too busy or have something else planned? No problem. Every minute will be recorded and available to ALL attendees for their registered sessions.

Join us on Thursday, November 12, Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14 for our first Virtual Symposium. Featuring three dynamic speakers over three days, you'll participate in intensive sessions and you'll walk away with tools and strategies to immediately implement in your own business. Prepare to make 2021 your best year ever. Really.


Thursday, November 12, 2020

1:00 pm ET - 4:00 PM ET

You're the HR Department: Proven Strategies for Managing Your People

Kimberly McMahon

Human Resources is probably one of the most complicated parts of running a small business. The complexities of working with and managing people doesn't always fit nicely on an Excel spreadsheet. Yet HR is incredibly important. Employee salaries and benefits are a huge chunk of your operating expenses. In the service field, your employees are your greatest assets. So you can't just "get by" and "feel your way" through the people management part of your move management business.

Your HR strategies need to strike just the right balance between properly serving your employees and meeting your company's revenue goals — all while complying with the requisite employee laws and regulations. No small feat.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NASMM members are challenged in so many ways. HR issues emerge daily, right? HR policies and procedures have been tested almost more than any other during these difficult days of 2020.

NASMM is here to help!

Our guest speaker will take you through proven HR strategies and processes that work in good times and...in pandemic times. She will discuss overarching HR fundamentals as well as how to deal with unprecedented HR challenges. Our presenter, Kim McMahon, is one of the most engaging & informative speakers NASMM has hosted in 14 years of annual conferences. Please join us for this first-ever online event about all things HR.

  • Understand Human Resources (HR) fundamentals to support your team & your business
  • Learn actions to take during times of crisis to sustain & position your company for growth
  • Discover how your company culture contributes to a healthy work environment during times of challenge & change
  • Hear key takeaways about the all-important employee recruitment & selection process
  • Learn why successful onboarding of your employee(s) is critical to long term success
  • And find out much more! Training & Development; Performance & Compensation; Terminations; and Regulations

Faculty: Kimberly McMahon, Wayforth, Richmond, VA

Friday, November 13, 2020

10:00 am ET - 5:00 pm ET (includes one hour break)

Marketing Growth Strategies for 2021 (Plan Now for Big Things Next Year!)

Katheryn Hunt

This year has been an incredibly tough one for most businesses, but it's been extra challenging for those serving older adults. Our businesses must continue to adapt and thrive, even when mere survival seems daunting. Pandemic or not, we've got strategies to help you move forward & GROW!

Join Katheryn Hunt, the Founder & President of GROW, and her team as they share specific tools, tips, and insights to maximize your business growth in 2021. Katheryn is a dynamic speaker and sales-building enthusiast who teaches marketing and sales strategies based upon 23+ years of field experience. She and her team will equip you to gain confidence in current times and excel well into the future. Not sure how many of you know this key fact, but Katheryn already consults and provides marketing services to many NASMM members around the country, due to her highly regarded sessions at the NASMM 2019 Conference!

  • Learn how to develop a 2021 GROWTH strategy
  • Showcase your brand to increase engagement & expand marketing efforts
  • Discover how to build an in-depth search engine strategy specifically for Google
  • Find out how to maximize 5-Star online reviews
  • Hear all about digital marketing tools that will help you succeed in the maze of online marketing
  • BONUS Open Forum: On-the-spot support to help you overcome the real hurdles affecting your company's growth

Faculty: Katheryn Hunt, Grow, St. Louis, MO

Saturday, November 14, 2020

10:00 am ET - 5:00 pm ET (includes one hour break)

Swimming in a Pool of Profit: Adding Photo Organizing to Your Move Management Business

Jill Yesko

Did you know there are 21 ways (at least!) to generate income from helping families with their photos? Yep! And lots of move managers are embracing this exciting value-added service by adding it to their services menu for additional revenue.

Our presenter for this day-long deep-dive into photo management is Jill Yesko of Discover Organizing in Pittsburgh, PA. Jill has been organizing photos for her clients since 2003. Early on, Jill understood the value she could bring to her clients by cataloging and managing their treasured (but chaotic!) photo collections.

Jill built a division of her company that curates, digitizes, stores, and shares photos (and images of other memorabilia) while substantially boosting her company's profits. Jill's photo department income now constitutes almost 40% of her company's annual revenue! Jill will share it all — her insights, methods (and yes, failures) that built these exceptional profits. You'll go behind the scenes in a way that only a virtual session can. Plan to join us!

  • Explore ALL of the ways to add photo organizing services to your existing Move Management business that will, no doubt, increase your bottom line profits.
  • Discover Jill's three main methods — the "kiddie pool," the "shallow end," and the "Olympic size pool" — and she will help you determine which one is the most comfortable to wade (or dive!) into right now.
  • Learn all about the "real" upfront and ongoing costs involved — from necessary equipment to human resources — to explode this new division way past the break-even point. Jill will take participants through each expense — demonstrating the best way to leverage these initial investments against incoming customer sales over time. (Spoiler Alert! Most equipment pays for itself within a very short period of time!)
  • Hear about how most photo organizing projects can be done virtually. Jill will catalog how you can manage photo collections using innovative and collaborative remote technology, including user-friendly apps and devices.
  • Jill will show you how to capitalize upon your existing client base for referrals and new business, as well as expanding your advertising efforts to the general marketplace in your area and BEYOND.

Faculty: Jill Yesko, Discover Organizing, Pittsburgh, PA



  • NEW! Registration for Seasons of Change is by company.
  • You may register for the full virtual symposium or individual sessions.
  • Early bird registration deadline, Friday, October 30. Course fees increase after October 30.

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Fees include ALL recordings. No refunds will be provided.

Full Symposium

  • (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) $499 before October 30 (after October 30 $599)

Ala Carte Courses

  • You’re the HR Department: Proven Strategies for Managing Your People
    (1/2 day | November 12) - $199 before October 30 (after October 30 $299)
  • Digital Marketing Growth Strategies for 2021
    (Full day | November 13) - $299 before October 30 (after October 30 $399)
  • Swimming in a Pool of Profit: Adding Photo Organizing to Your Move Management Business
    (full day | November 14) - $299 before October 30 (after October 30 $399)