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Wednesday, March 10 • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET
What's Underneath? A Deep Dive into High-Level Hoarding Cleanup

Laura Spaulding Laura Spaulding

Laura Spaulding, founder of Spaulding Decon, has grown a national business by doing work most people simply couldn't or wouldn’t do. Specializing in high-level hoards, decompositions, and crime scene cleaning, Laura will dive into the details and dirt of deep cleaning at this level, discussing her actual processes and procedures for helping people with level 5 hoards.

Laura will discuss common mistakes made by beginners, as well as how to effectively work with technicians, contractors, families, and therapists to make the process as smooth and ef?cient as possible for your hoarding clients.

Additionally, Laura will share several exceptional case studies to illustrate what high-level hoarding cleanup is like, and what can be found underneath the clutter. Laura's wisdom regarding job planning, subcontracting, and follow-up with clients is sure to be as fascinating as it is enlightening.

Join us as we navigate the twists and turns of high-level hoarding with one of the best in the business!


Thursday, March 11 • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET
Money In the Bank: Building Strong Community Referrals & More

Margit Novack Margit Novack


Betsy Goldfarb Betsy Goldfarb

A referred brand is a preferred brand. If you’ve earned the trust of people I already trust, then their referral of you to me is worth more than any other form of marketing. And it’s free or low-cost! Research indicates that prospects become clients five times (5x!) faster when they come through a referral. Think about your own experiences: If you receive a referral to a real estate agent, a new vendor, or a great CPA, your first call will likely be to the referred person and not to your printout of Google results. When created and cultivated, referral relationships provide a predictable revenue stream that can be leveraged to create new opportunities (and even more revenue). If it’s so simple, why don’t we do it more and better?

Our faculty of two highly regarded and seasoned move managers (with decades of experience) will offer strategies and tips for truly effective referral marketing. First time ever: Hear from CCRC marketing managers and other referral sources, what motivates them to provide referrals, what inspires their loyalty to a particular move manager, and the essential attributes they believe help preserve the referral relationship. We’ll also discuss expanding our view of what a potential referral source looks like, as well as how to get those coveted first referrals when you’re relatively new to the market.

For those in business several years or more, we’ll explore how the referral relationship changes over time. For example, hear how to ensure that your referrals keep coming – even as you lean away from a visible role in the business. If selling your business is in your 5-year plan, positioning your referral business as an asset begins today. Join us as we navigate the all-important, little-discussed referral relationship in move management.

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