NASMM 2018

Show Me the Money! Policies & Procedures to Help You Grow or Sell

Saturday, February 24, 2018 • 8:15 pm - 4:30 pm.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been in business for many years, the endgame is to own a sustainable business you can eventually sell. Yes!!!

The depth and breadth of your policies and procedures will make the all the difference in the value and sale of your business!

  • Do you dread the thought of having to put your company's policies and procedures in writing?
  • Do you wonder if you've covered all the legal bases, left out anything important, or made a mistake that will surface later and get you into trouble?

From dealing with accountability issues and activities of critical importance to your company - including safety, client services, accounting, liability and human resources - the investment you make in your policies and procedures will have a positive, long-term effect on the overall value of your business.

NASMM is pleased to offer this full day workshop to help you understand, identify, and develop policies and procedures for your Senior Move Management business.

Under the guidance of two (2) of NASMM's most experienced and successful Senior Move Managers, you'll embark on writing your own policies and procedures designed to meet the unique nuances of your SMM business.

Our facilitators will use the NASMM A+ Accreditation guidelines to help you identify and understand the purpose of recommended policies, and assist you in the development of your own policies and procedures manual. They'll make this rather dry topic come alive throughout your day-long workshop experience together!

  • Understand the distinction between policies and procedures and how they are strategically linked
  • Identify the most important reasons for creating comprehensive policies and procedures
  • Eliminate the guesswork by knowing where to start and what to consider before writing a word
  • Develop your own policies and procedures that are easily understood and legally sound

In just one day, you'll gain strategies, guidelines and shortcuts that will make your job easier and ensure you get the results you want - well-written policies and procedures that are easily understood and implemented.

Please join us for this informative, lively, first-time-ever workshop.

Facilitators: Kim McMahon & Allison Pihl, Owners of Let's Move, LLC

Kim McMahon
Allison Pihl