NASMM 2018

6F How I Sold My Business & Why He Bought It!

  • Learn how to assess the value of your business and find a buyer
  • Explore essential contract specifics to include and how to negotiate them
  • Identify contract specifics we overlooked that one would be wise to address
  • Understand how to structure a smooth transition — training the new buyer and smoothing the transition to ownership
  • Gain perspective to manage staff reaction and inform your market without a negative impact

Faculty: Barry Izsak and Zack Baker, Arranging It All, Austin, TX

12F Rubber Meets Road

  • Maximize your conference ROI by identifying the best of the good ideas, and limit your energy to just these items.
  • Learn how to evaluate and prioritize ideas using a proven methodology
  • Allocate resources only to issues that are important
  • Gain mastery of a powerful process applicable to planning, problem solving and decision-making
  • Go home with a targeted short list of important ideas you will implement this year

Faculty: Margit Novack, Moving Solutions, Havertown, PA

18F Let It Go? The Psychology of Holding Family Treasures

  • Discuss how clients' feelings for possessions can obstruct the practical issues related to determining what to do with these items
  • Explore why many personal possessions are accompanied by a sense of responsibility for the item's well-being that can ultimately feel more like a burden
  • Learn how best to care for items your clients do want to keep
  • Understand how to authoritatively address your client's concerns, offer thoughtful and useful advice and solutions to help alleviate the psychological and real burdens of holding onto family treasures

Faculty: Terri Blanchette, TimeSorters, LLC, Stafford, VA

24F Rightsizing the Stay@Home Client

Learn how to creatively incorporate NASMM@Home principles into your business practices

  • Understand ways to facilitate effective and collaborative cooperation through compassionate and empathetic communication with clients, families, and caregivers
  • Discover best practices and proven methods to help an aging adult live in a clutter-free (and hazard-free) environment.
  • Explore various ways to set up a safer home for the client to set the stage for improved mobility, access to the things they use the most, and an overall more enjoyable — and comfortable — place to live
  • Explore techniques to help your clients understand that downsizing their home does not mean downsizing their lifestyle

Faculty: Jill Yesko, Discover Organizing, Pittsburgh, PA; Vickie Dellaquila, Organization Rules, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

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