NASMM 2018

1A Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention

  • Understand clear definitions of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Discuss the scope of the problem of elder abuse and the community impact
  • Explore the indicators and risk factors as they pertain to the victims and perpetrators
  • Learn mandatory reporting requirements

Faculty: Jacklyn Overby, ElderSource Institute, Jacksonville, FL

7A Rapid Growth! Increasing Sales & Delivering on Your Brand Promise

  • Create a vision for your company — how to build a team culture that inspires your team
  • Understand backwards planning for sales growth — how to set a big 3-year target and plan into it
  • Learn how to create a Brand that attracts clients and employees
  • Understand when to say "No" to work that doesn't fit your Brand Promise — and how to leverage that for higher profits
  • Explore a disciplined way to drive the right behaviors with your team and measure your results so you can constantly add fuel to your company's growth

Faculty: P. Allan Young, Noble Brands, Marietta, GA

13A A Candid Conversation: Challenges & Opportunities for New Senior Move Managers

  • Identify and define your most challenging issues as a new Senior Move Manager
  • Discover successful strategies to confront your greatest concerns
  • Learn tactical solutions to help you build your business
  • Share stories and connect with colleagues who share your same level of experience in Senior Move Management.

Faculty: Susan Danick, TAD Relocation, Gaithersburg, MD; Sharon Cofar, A Move Made Easy, Coral Springs, FL
**This session is appropriate for SMMs with less than two (2) years of experience.

19A Scaling Up: Taking Your SMM Business to the Next Level

  • Understand how systems, processes and infrastructure change to support a larger organization
  • Explore how staff communication, quality assurance, procedures, training and constant reassessment of processes are critical as businesses grow and evolve over time
  • Find out if you should build capacity in advance or play catch-up
  • Discover if bigger is really better: do you net more as your business grows

Faculty: Adrienne Simpson, Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services, inc., Tucker, GA

2B Juggling Work/Life Balance in Your Business

  • Discuss the struggles of separating work/life and strategies to find a healthy balance
  • Discover strategies for running a business while maintaining a social and family life
  • Understand the importance of living in the moment — avoiding the distraction of work when you're with family and friends — no matter how much work you have
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of being a full time parent and a full time business owner while excelling at both

Faculty: Jacquie Denny, Everything But the House, Cincinnati, OH

8B The Dirty Secret: The Business Case for Hoarding Cleanup/Cleanout

  • Learn the basics of hoarding cleanup and consider what is involved in adding this service to your offerings
  • Explore the training required to offer hoarding cleanup services
  • Discuss the equipment you need to add this service
  • Understand charging methodology for this type of service

Faculty: Mike Young, Hoarding Education and Cleanup, Columbia, SC

14B Famous or Fake? Identifying & Appraising Fine Art & Antiques

  • Learn techniques for separating antiques from reproductions
  • Discover helpful tips for consulting an auction house or specialist including knowing when to reach-out for a second opinion, best photography practices, fees, etc.
  • Explore everything you need to know about selling at auction

Faculty: LaGina Austin and April Matteini, Skinner, Inc., Coral Gables, FL

20B Effective Community Presentations: The DIVA Method!

  • Learn how to attract new clients by creating presentations with excitement and confidence
  • Identify your unique presentation style
  • Learn how to imagine your audience and overcome your public speaking fears
  • Discover the value of sharing your expertise and experience by telling stories

Faculty: Karen Shinn, Downsizing Diva, Toronto, CA

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