NASMM 2018

3C Brain Clues & Body Language: Building Trust

  • Understand how the words you choose, the questions you ask, and your body language in everyday conversations or negotiations can give you an advantage.
  • Discover the one word that increases the possibility of cooperation from 60% to 94%, and the 12 most persuasive words in the English language
  • Explore how the powers of discernment and impactful techniques will help you better understand not only your own beliefs, but will help you achieve your desired outcomes with clients, clients' families, work associates and/or industry partners

Faculty: Karen Smith, Next Chapter Moves, Cornelius, NC

9C "What's My Stuff Worth?" Answer the Question Like a Pro

  • Explore strategies to address the client's worth questions and concerns
  • Understand the importance of effectively managing client expectations
  • Discover solutions to increase SMM margins by lowering cost of client delivery
  • Learn how to reduce client anxiety and improve client outcomes

Faculty: Adam Gordon, MaxSold, Toronto, ON; Barry Gordon, MaxSold, Toronto, ON

15C How to Find (& Keep!) Great Employees

  • Understand the difference between employees and subcontractors, and why the latter can get you in trouble with the IRS
  • Discuss the need the proper documents and procedures in place to on-board your new hires
  • Learn why subcultures are dangerous and how to prevent them from forming
  • Explore why firing someone isn't the worst thing that can happen to them — or you — and the best way to handle it
  • Discover what needs to go into a job description (including your own) and why that's so important
  • Learn how to be the kind of company that employees want to stay with, how to keep your team cohesive, and how to handle those who aren't a fit

Faculty: Marty Stevens-Heebner, Clear Home Solutions, Sherman Oaks, CA

21C LGBT Elder Cultural Competency Training

  • Develop an increased understanding of diversity among seniors, their families and caregivers
  • Understand the concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Identify environments that are characterized by inclusion, respect, and dignity
  • Learn inclusive communication skills with LGBTQ seniors, their families, and caregivers
  • Explore the use affirmative language for appropriate interaction with the LGBTQ community
  • Discuss action plans to care for LGBTQ seniors

Faculty: Heidi Katz, ElderSource Institute, Jacksonville, FL

4D Age Sensitivity

  • Experience sensory changes associated with aging through simulation to help you better interact with older adults
  • Identify various causes and characteristics of confusion in older adults
  • Understand and identify opportunities to create an elder friendly community
  • Explore tools to help older adults compensate for their physical losses

Faculty: Heidi Katz, ElderSource Institute, Jacksonville, FL

10D Beyond Your Logo & LLC: Marketing Matters!

  • Understand the steps to market, promote and grow your SMM business
  • Explore opportunities to market and promote your businesses within your community
  • Learn effective strategies to of manage staff through growth
  • Discover how to build a steady stream of income

Faculty: Jennifer Prell, Paxem, Inc., Cary, IL

16D The ABCs of CRM: Understanding Customer Relationship Management Programs

  • Define CRM and understand the types of problems CRM software is designed to solve
  • Understand the features of CRM Software
  • Preview a free open source CRM package to help you make informed decisions when choosing a software

Faculty: Brian Jacobs, SMMware, LLC, Amherst, NY

22D Advocacy 101: Laws, Regulations & You!

  • Understand how Senior Move Managers can use legislative, regulatory processes, and targeted advocacy efforts help shape the future of the SMM profession, support a healthy business climate, and help to protect client and community well-being
  • Discuss a simple working model to empower SMMs to feel comfortable entering into dialogue around policy issues, and serve as a source of information and guidance for policymakers at all levels of government
  • Learn grassroots skills that will enable SMMs to effectively participate in legislative and rulemaking processes at state and federal levels.

Faculty: Danielle Welliever, Silver Service Transitions, LLC, Olympia, WA; DeAnne Wilfong, Smooth Transitions Inland, Northwest, Spokane, WA

5E Downsizing Can Be Uplifting! Donating to Non-Profits

  • Gain a better understanding what it means to be a "social enterprise"
  • Understand the tax benefits of donating to charities
  • Weigh the pro's and con's of donating vs. holding an estate sale and how donating can often times bring more value to a family
  • Learn how non-profits use donations, what is acceptable as a donation to a non-profit and what is not, how to value your donated items, and how to identify non-profits in your area your clients will want to support
  • Discover how to spot for profit companies who disguise themselves as a charitable organization in an effort to receive donations from their communities to boost their bottom line

Faculty: Steve Votaw, Downsize With A Heart, Columbus, OH

11E Cleaning Houses = Cleaning Up

  • Discover how adding two separate team members to your growing company can expand your services, increase your value to the client, and boost your bottom line, in a matter of a few weeks
  • Learn 5 simple and effective marketing strategies that will make referrals pour in quickly
  • Explore strategies to protect yourself and your employees by putting the right policies, paperwork, and procedures in place
  • Discuss how to make your talent pool the most sought-after, professional cleaning service in your region, with proven hiring, training and staff development practices

Faculty: Jill Yesko, Discover Organizing, Pittsburgh, PA

17E "Oh No!" Understanding Your Insurance Risks & Options

  • Understand your general liability insurance policy — in simple, user-friendly language
  • Learn about the protection your policy offers
  • Explore added levels of protection to determine if you need more coverage
  • Explore workers' compensation insurance protection
  • Hear real-life SMM scenarios where the appropriate insurance saved the day

Faculty: Bernie Holicky, Aon Affinity, Chicago, IL

23E Before They Call You: Fears & Family Dynamics Before the Move

  • Explore that fears that paralyze and shut down the conversation with older adults regarding aging and adapting to current needs
  • Understand the little details that can help an older adult flourish in their new environment to help increase their autonomy after a move
  • Discover strategies for working with adult children about talking to their parents about downsizing and moving
  • Discuss the grief and loss older adult children may face with downsizing the family home.

Faculty: Marie Claude Giguere, Helping Seniors, Montreal, QB

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